Anonymous: Do you just drink water? For the water detox? For how long?

Some people choose not to eat, but I don’t think fasting is healthy.

I usually drink 2-3 liters of water everyday and I eat completely clean (pretty much I’m a rabbit). As well, I exercise 3-5x a week. I do this for one week. After one week, I usually drink 1-2 liters of water, and continue to eat clean, but less like a rabbit - meaning I start introducing pasta, cereals, granola, my snack bars, and foods like that back into my diet. 

This usually stops me from eating processed foods :D

shellsfitblr: Youre going to need to pee every 5 minutes haha!

I know, but my body definitely needs a restart! I’m home most of the time anyway :)


What I hope people understand is that you’re allowed to have treats and rest days, in fact it’s actually better because you’re changing it up and your body works better and boosts your metabolism. With treats you’re allowed to indulge every so often, it keeps you going, not one small treat will make you gain weight, in the same way that eating one healthy meal will magically make you skinnier. And with rest days it allows your body to recover, please remember that